While the aspect of achieving outstanding business results for our customers and intensifying their core values of resources and assets is always a priority for the entire team here at Emsolv Consultants, our comprehensive specialization for undergoing all business-related advisory and stratagem services is one that is exclusive for each client – because we believe that no two businesses are the same and thereby require a customized set of criteria to perform to the extreme perfection for increased levels of productivity, communication, satisfaction and ultimately, success.

Therefore, here is our extensive list of all the business consultancy services that we offer at Emsolv Consultants:


Feasibility Study

While a brand new approach towards enabling better workflows and profits always feels like an opportunity that is lucrative enough, circumstances could imply otherwise. Emsolv Consultants thereby conducts concise feasibility studies to realistically asses the feasibility and the viability of your startup business, the new project you plan to start, the new brand / product you hope to launch or any other plans of business structuring you may speculate to implement

Surveys (External / Internal)

Surveys are an integral part of advertising and marketing plans that drastically help businesses target their products/services to not just the right audience, but in precisely the way they want it. With Emsolv’s well renowned survey schemes focusing on an array of business prospects, we can guarantee accurate results that can be resourceful for establishing relevant advertising/marketing campaigns that are much more viable for attracting customers by:

• Surveying consumers and companies over large and
• diversified networks
• Surveying over all products/services
• Surveying customer feedback

Industry / Product Analysis

You need to know if your business has the right tools and techniques to excel in its specific market sector, and we at Emsolv believe in conducting thorough investigation for our client’s businesses by:

• Identifying the latest trends in that industry
• Identifying what’s in demand and what factors are
• driving that demand
• How our client’s products/services can meet that
• demand and thereby gain popularity and profit

Market Analysis

The market is your playing field; to understand how the market behaves and to predict how it would react to your business is your way of understanding the game dynamics. Emsolv provides information and consultation that would enable you to gain a bird’s eye view of your market and a comprehensive understanding of its behaviours and expectations.

Organization specific Situational Analysis

Emsolv uses the several analytical tools and methodologies to derive current status of your organization, business context & environment, customers, capabilities, etc.

Gap Analysis

What’s next in line for reaching a benchmark in your business? With an extensive analysis of all requisites that pertain to IT and its nuances, Emsolv Consultants is able to perform a comprehensive ‘gap’ analysis that will help you see where you currently stand and how much further you are capable of progressing in the future, by:

• Evaluating and determining standard performance
ratios that are required within your industry
• Theoretically analyzing how efficiently your IT solutions
has been made use of in comparison to current
performance levels


Every decision and every process within an organization boils down to one core concept; that is ‘strategy’. It is strategy spreading across all organization levels in perfect orientation and influence that drives an organization towards its ultimate success. Are your competitors talking about you? Does your strategy provide you with sufficient guidance in resource allocation? Are your employees capable of articulating your strategy and do they feel empowered enough to execute them? The secret to winning-strategies is creativity and alignment.

With our in-depth experience, intimate sector knowledge and comprehensive geographical experience, we have the insight to create true value for your organization. We focus on building lasting capabilities that would allow your organization to grow sustainably and reach its maximum economic potential.

We measure our success by your success and we promise you an innovative push that would bring your organization to the very leading position surpassing your competition with sustainable expansion through effective strategic intervention. Join with Emsolv and unleash your company’s potential to the core.


Starting a business requires rigorous planning and effort to succeed. Emsolv provides end-to-end support in establishing your startup business and converting it into a complete, functional organization. We provide you all the guidance and support you need to make your startup a success and save you the hours of investigation and research you could better spend on making innovative plans for your business.

Registering of business

We provide you all the necessary paperwork underlying business registration from,

• The Board of Investments (BOI)
• The Registrar of Companies
• The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA)

Setting up business / Organizational structure

Structure and organize your business in a manner that would unleash its maximum potential. With years of experience, Emsolv offers you the best guidance and support to build up a productive and efficient organizational structure that would help you establish core procedures, policies and strategies that would take your organization to the next level.


Business Process Re-engineering

With BPR, a thorough analysis is carried out of the workflow in any business system to identify glitches and possibly even suggest solutions to reduce cost, time, waste and energy in order to increase productivity by:

• Redesigning work processes in order of urgency
• Faster and efficient information management systems
• Other cutting-edge methods of task handling

Company/Business Restructuring

Reorganizing a business structure or an operational/administrational model of an organization could be a core requirement that was not identified by its management. Emsolv Consultants, could assist you in recognizing such a requirement with its hands on experience in business restructuring and act as your change agent elevating your business beyond all expectations.


By analyzing business models in order to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of any enterprise, determining where, when and how new initiatives can be taken in order to improve the efficiency and performance quotients of the same is a task that is systematically achievable through:

• Strategic Management Analysis
• Organization analysis and restructuring
• Extensive workforce training
• State-of-the-art IT integration

Finance and Accounts

While there’s no doubt about the fact that identifying cash flow patterns within any business firm is an essential asset in itself that helps to determine the success ratios of its final products and/or services, predicting financial risks and building foundations of compliance is an operation that is equally important so that a company can reduce the probability of incurring any losses in the long run.

That’s why at Emsolv Consultants we provide a complete range of financial and accounting services such as:

• Overall financial analysis of businesses
• Investment analysis from financial perspective
• Budgeting
• Monitoring and review of financial processes
• Development of processes in relations to finance

People management

While all other departments within a firm can vary depending on its nature of expertise, the Human Resource department is one that is indispensably required for every business big or small. So, it’s vital that every operation that goes on within this area is not just appropriately laid out to resultantly incorporate convenient working principles but is also carefully managed by the proficient association of Emsolv Consultantsas follows;

• Manpower planning • HR policies & Manuals • Recruitment of employees • Selection and screening of candidates • Performance Management • Employee satisfaction surveys • Balanced scorecard system • Performance management surveys

Industry / Business Specific customized solutions

Emsolv understands the uniqueness of each business operation and therefore offers an array of miscellaneous services subjective to our client’s commercial needs. There is a solution for every problem out there and we’ll make sure that we crack it!

Operations Management

If you’re an entrepreneur then you know how even the smallest obstacle could halt routine business processes, leading to lesser productivity, turnovers and increased downtime. Therefore here at Emsolv Consultants, ensuring a smooth and seamless workflow with practical and reliable administration tactics for any business operation is achieved by:

• Development of the operational procedure, Variety of
corporate documentation, Operation manuals and
Policy Documents
• Design and drafting of process charts using latest
techniques and systems

Secretarial Services

Responsible for the organization of all forms of information that circulates within the corporation and between two or more other third party ones, Emsolv’s secretarial services promptly and potently specialize in:

• Drafting articles, reports, statements and a wide variety
of corporate documentation
• Communicating with all senior level personnel of the
company and coordinating meetings, operations and
other formalities
• Noting minutes in due course of conferences
• Being in constant liaison with third party affiliates such
as other partnering companies and legal authorities

Customer Relationship Management

• Customer Service

Thinking of utilizing more effective tactics for rendering higher levels of satisfaction amongst your customers? You’ve come to the right place! At Emsolv we have a multitude of customer service requisites which shall make sure that all your customers leave with a smile!

• Service Level Agreements

We assist you to develop internal and external SLAs with clear quantitative and qualitative definitions detailing the accurate nature and the scope of the levels and standards of services provided by your company or your subsidiary incorporating its Key Performance Indicators.

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Let us help you find out what your customers think of you and how satisfied they are with your products and services with our professional surveys tailor made for your organization.

• Customer Service Monitoring & Review

Let us monitor and review your customer service and ensure for you that the service operations are running smooth and at the expected standards. We provide a range of monitoring services ranging from missed calls to testing other aspects of service implementation.


Business Proposals

Responsible for the organization of all forms of information that circulates within the corporation and between two or more other third party ones, Emsolv’s secretarial services promptly and potently specialize in:

• Research strategies for revealing what a client really
wants, and how your company can deliver the same
• Identifying any setbacks and overcoming them by
correct means of articulation

Concept Papers

You have a brilliant business concept in mind and you need to find a way to effectively express your ideas to the world. Emsolv Consultants can help you develop, rectify and perfect your business ideology into a highly professional and winning piece of writing that would help you approach investors and clients with total confidence.

Project Reports

With the best of research and analytical skills, our project management consultants focus on several key areas to produce the most accurate reports such as:

• The nature of the company
• It’s financial situation and net worth
• Operations involved, and accurately organizing them for
showcasing the project(s)


You need to keep your business under control to make sure the outcomes are predictable and meet your expectations. This way you can greatly minimize the risks associated with your business and ensure that the quality of your operations is maintained at the highest standards.

Internal control procedure

Emsolv formulates policies and procedures that minimizes process variation improving the predictability of your business.

Periodical review

Periodically review and monitor the progress of your business. Emsolv helps you keep your business under total control!

Spot checks

Random spot check is a powerful investigation tool that would allow you to identify problems and solve them instantly.