Invest or Divest

Investment Advisory Services

In today’s competitive market, change, be it good or bad, is inevitable. Therefore, gaining knowledge of whether your hard earned money is bound to guarantee a complete and worthwhile ROI or otherwise is absolutely indispensable and Emsolv’s financial personnel is qualified to provide requisite guidance to take the right decision for you or your organization

Fund Raising

Emsolv Consultants’ hands-on fundraising services would allow you to raise funds in a breeze. We provide you the necessary guidance and support to develop your fundraising strategy and establish working fundraising plans within your organization through expert assessment and reviews. We are ready to raise funds for you or with you, as much as your business project requires.

Investor/Investment Analysis

We specialize in investor/investment analysis and we provide you a full-scale analysis of how your investment is likely to perform and how suitable an investor would be for your organization.

Private Equity

Emsolv specializes in private equity. We guide and provide advisory services to our clients across the investment life-cycle and guarantee a most profitable outcome for their investments. You can entrust your raised funds or equity to us and we promise to manage your investments with the best investment strategies of our experts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Here at Emsolv Consultants, our aim is to help your company improve its odds of a most favorable M&A through our comprehensive and battle-tested approaches that diligently combines strategic acquisition approaches with merger integration. With knowledge refined over years of experience, our experts have been able to derive models of M&A that could bring substantial rewards for your organization.

We give special focus to the growth aspect of organizations and strategically deal with the buying and selling or dividing and combining processes to bring our clients the best of their vertical and horizontal business integration or diversification. We offer our clients comprehensive and guaranteed approaches in value-generating business deals and end-to-end support including business and legal documentation to your utmost satisfaction.

Legal / Professional Documentation and Agreements

Emsolv Consultants is your foremost resource for professional online and legal documents and agreements. We help you to meet your legal obligations with minimum hassle. Our objective is to provide you with the finest and most accurate professional documentation in a most efficient manner.

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